New Modern Trousers Designs Replace Traditional Shalwar

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The new age of fashionable women in Pakistan is finding it very difficult to have relevance with the Traditional Shalwar rather the approach is more on shifting towards adaption of the Trousers Designs like wide-leg pants, bell bottom pants, tapered pants, cropped trousers.

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Black & White Cotton Bottoms from I Am Adorn

Fashion is an ever-evolving and revolving industry and with globalization, a new fashion introduced in Korea is adapted elsewhere around the globe in no time.

If we take a closer look at all the fashion brands in Pakistan, you would find a whole new variety of trousers on the display. From bell bottom trouser design to Chinos, leggings, denim, jumpsuits, and bell bottom jeans. Easter women did not prefer all of this was for a long time.

There has been a debate going on with respect to the Traditional Shalwar and Modern Trousers. Though the former was on top for the most part of our past the latter had now completely taken over the fashion industry in Pakistan.

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Bell Bottom trouser

Is bell bottom trousers designs in or out of fashion?

There is one thing certain about fashion, that it eventually comes back after some time. Bell bottom, often referred to as the 70s era fashion keeps making its way back. Either in the shape of bell bottom pants, bell bottom jeans, bell bottom sleeves, and different bell bottom trouser designs around the world.

It would not be wrong to say that the bell bottom trouser cutting is more of a permanent fashion feature. Scores of Women in Pakistan wear Bell bottom design on regular basis. These cuts are ideal for women and young girls who wish to make their legs visually longer and hips slimmer. Bell bottoms are considered to be a versatile fashion, even today. Which can be a workaround at work, in casual gatherings, or at home. It not just uplifts your overall outfit but also supplements the high heels to make you look amazing and trendy.

Trousers have to do more with the weather, the mood, the occasion, and physique. Depending on what women prefer to wear, bell bottom segment in women’s wardrobe shall go long way. Because of the versatility, convenience, and comfort it offers.

So is three-piece fashion not relevant any more

The culture of a three-piece suit with matching prints, design patterns, and color combinations is now undergoing a massive change. As more and more women prefer to buy each of the items separately or individually. If we go a few years back none of the brands would risk offering trousers, shirts, and Dupatta separately. Due to prices of quality fabrics going up, there was a two-piece segment that attracted price-savvy consumers. The women, at large, received well the Two-piece segment. Since it offered cheaper prices when compared to full three-piece suits but also because it offered more flexibility in the selection of dupatta or scarf on their dresses.

However, separate trousers were a different ball game altogether. However, the buyers did not instantly accept the trend of having separate trousers to be matched with different shirts and dupattas. Since the fashion preferences are changing with women getting hold of what they would like to wear, the trend is shifting which is the reason why brands are now offering each category separately. Though this can be profitable for the brands as well at the same time this is economical for the shoppers too. Black trousers can be worn on various colored shirts. Likewise, a pink scarf can be a matching piece to multiple shirts and trousers.

Trousers at Adorn

Due to the unprecedented preference of women for this segment, many brands are offering independent trousers. “I Am Adorn offers a premium range of elegant and simple trousers for modern women which are available online.  

Elegant Trousers Designs

The brand tries to stand out in terms of its offerings, uniqueness of the designs, quality of the stitching, and fabrics. In order to bring superior quality trousers, I Am Adorn introduced trousers category on the website. Since then, the brand has launched a premium variety of Trousers in black and white colors. The stitching and designs of the trousers are very elegant, yet simple. These provide modern cuts, quality waste rubbers, and side zips for more comfortable and trendier fitting.

The response and feedback against the trousers designs have been very encouraging and which is why the brand has introduced it as a regular segment. Based on the demand, I Am Adorn further intends to expand this category by offering more trousers individually.

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