Is a two-piece suit beating the three-piece suit market? What you need to know.

The new age of fashionable women in Pakistan are finding it very difficult to have relevance with the traditional three-piece suit market. Rather the approach is shifting more towards adaptation of two piece suit which offers more flexible choices to match dupattas or trousers, as and when required.

Fashion is an ever-evolving and revolving industry.

The women in Pakistan are also looking for a more independent approach and flexibility when it comes to two piece suits for ladies in Pakistan to match the colors and fabrics which otherwise were always provided as a standard package.

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu

So, is three-piece suit fashion not relevant anymore?

The culture of three-piece suits with matching prints, design patterns, and color combinations is now undergoing a massive change. As more and more women prefer to buy each of the items separately or individually.

A few years ago, none of the brands would risk offering Trousers, Shirts, and Dupatta separately.

Due to the inflationary pressure and prices of quality fabrics going up a new concept of two-piece, was introduced. In order to attract the price-savvy consumers.

The two-piece suit segment was well received by women, at large. Mainly because it offered a cheaper option when compared to the full three-piece suits. Moreover, it also offered more flexibility in the selection of Dupatta, Scarf, and Trousers to create their choice of attire.

Since the fashion preferences are changing with women getting hold of what they would like to wear. The trend is shifting which is the reason why brands are now offering each category separately.

Though two piece suits for ladies in Pakistan can be profitable for the brands. At the same time, this is economical for the shoppers too.

For instance, a black trouser can be worn on various colored shirts including black to create a black two piece suit for women. Likewise, a pink stole or scarf can be a matching piece to multiple shirts and trousers.

Stoles or Scarves – Create your look, your way

It’s only you who knows what you would like to wear on any given day. Independent stoles or scarves offer that opportunity to match your stole with the outfit you desire. The flexibility to dress up as per your mood, weather, preference, and outfit is essential and has a positive impact on your personality.

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Black and White Premium Cotton Trousers to Create Endless Combinations

Basic Colored Trousers offer flexibility

The unprecedented preference of women for this segment has forced many brands to offer independent trousers. Like stoles, trousers are dependent on your preference for attire on a particular day. The Black and white trousers, in particular, are a must for any woman to fill up her closet.

I Am Adorn was launched in Paris in 2019

What is up of grab at I AM Adorn

I Am Adorn, a Pakistani brand launched in Paris in 2019, offers a premium range of elegant and stylish shirts which can be paired with trousers and an extensive variety of stoles to create two piece suit design, just the way you like it.

The brand tries to stand out in terms of its offerings, uniqueness of the designs, quality of the stitching, and fabrics. The women are at their full liberty to make two piece suits from a wide variety of products offered on it’s website.

The stitching, designs, and fabrics of the Shirts, trousers, and stoles are very elegant, chich, and yet simple.

The response and feedback against the black two piece suit women have been very encouraging and which is why the brand has introduced more and more two piece suits for the ladies category.

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