Scarves, Dupatta, Stoles, and Hijab

There has been much debate going on with respect to the difference between Scarves, Dupattas, Stoles and Hijab. Without getting in the technicalities of each, all of these are used to cover head and body and are very fondly worn by eastern women. Though matching colored, design and printed dupattas stayed on the top in our eastern culture for ages but lately differently printed and glitzy Scarves for women or stoles have taken their place.

Different types of Scarves

The luxury and comfort of best scarves depend on the kind of fabrics used, attire preferences and weather conditions like cold, hot and humid.  There are various types of Scarves for women like handmade silk scarves, Khaadi scarves, cotton scarves, viscose scarves, warm fabric scarves and may more. Pakistani is market to all types of scarves because of its weather diversity, The four-season impact as we call it. Despite having all the seasons, the longest season in Pakistan is summers and women need to cover their head from the scorching high temperatures along with maintaining the fashion stature which is why the viscose scarves, cotton scarves, Khaadi scarves remain in demand round-the-year.

Is three-piece culture fading

Various companies offer branded scarves online and it has been a segment that has been witnessing growth in the last few years. The culture of a three-piece suit with matching prints, design patterns and colors is now undergoing massive change, as more and more women prefer to buy each item separately. If we go a few years back none of the brand would risk in offering trousers, shirts and Dupatta separately. But since the Fashion preferences are changing with women getting hold of what they would like to wear, the trend is definitely shifting that is the reason why brands are now of offering each category separately. Though this can be profitable for the brands as well but at the same time this is economical for the shoppers too. A black trouser can be worn on various different colors, likewise a pink scarf can be a matching piece to multiple shirts and trousers and vice versa.

What is trending

Pakistan is a huge market for scarves and women prefer buying scarves online. A little sneak-peak on the internet to understand the different shopping trends for stoles can actually tell you that various trends like best scarves for women, buy scarves for women and Scarves online pakistan are some of the most looked after words.

The online shopping culture or the e-commerce, as we call it, is not something very old.  The e-commerce industry was not there a decade ago, it is a new area explored in Pakistani Market just a few years back. The rapid growth of internet and its extended reach has helped the brands to open online shops or e-stores moreover for the shoppers, the convenience of shopping online increased manifold.

We always remember some points as pivotal to some developments, for the e-commerce industry such turning point can be attributed to the COVID19. The unprecedented locked downs, the fear of going to a physical store forced the shoppers away from the physical stores. The brands were left in quagmire, as these were not equipped to counter such threats. Ultimately many brands closed down however, most of the brands focused on improving their online presence and established online stores. Since the evolution of online culture, a lot of new brands have also joined the bandwagon and are offering services online. Well, coming back the scarves, analyzing the shopping trends it is safe to say that women want to standout when shopping for stoles, the old era of simple, plain colored dupattas is now fading and the new era calls for vibrant colors, chic designs, bold prints and different fabrics.

What Adorn is offering

Due to unprecedent preference of women for this segment many branded scarves online are now in demand. I Am Adorn, a Pakistani brand which was launched in Paris in 2019, offers the biggest range of stoles and scarves for modern women available online.  

The brand tries to stand out in terms of its offerings, uniqueness of the designs, quality of the stitching and the fabrics. Stoles and or Scarves category at I Am Adorn was introduced in 2020 when there was an increasing demand from the customers to bring superior quality stoles and since than the brand has launched the biggest and most extensive variety of scarves online.

The response and feedback against the scarves online Pakistan have been very encouraging and which is why the brand has introduced it as a regular segment and offers whole new collections of stoles and scarves three-time a year. Most of the stoles and scarves offered by I Am Adorn are from premium imported fabrics.

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